Pull exif photo data for ArcGIS Pro Reports

06-21-2023 04:01 PM
New Contributor

I was hoping to create a Report in ArcGIS Pro that could take photo exif information from an attachment and add it to the report.  Similar to how Survey123 report does it with the ${picture|getValue:”y” and ${picture|getValue:”x” and ${picture|getValue:”direction”} options (as examples).

Does anyone know how to do this?  Is there possibly a work around with an Arcade function in the Dynamic Picture element?

This would allow us to move over from generating/using report credits in Survey123 and then our office would only have to work with Field Map App and ArcGIS Pro...

**Edit: I want to add that for this example the data collection would no longer be done in Survey123 either but in Field Maps instead using Smart Forms. **

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