Publishing Web Map from Pro: An Error occurred loading this layer

02-28-2022 01:21 PM
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Some of my most important layers are not publishing correctly from ArcPro to AGOL. A have a layer of ACS data that will not show up in the web map I am trying to make. 

Before publishing, I used the "Analyze" button, predicted no errors. However, I keep receiving "An error occurred loading this layer". 


Thinking this was a server issue, I tried again the next work week to find the same issue. I was previously receiving this error on two layers, but when I added all layers to the same file geodatabase in my project folder, the error went away for one layer and the layer appeared when published to a web map. The error still persists for this single layer, which is incredibly important to the map.

Can Esri add better error messaging for this error? I have no idea how else to troubleshoot because the error message is not descriptive. 


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What is the source of the ACS... data.  Is it from another online source?

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Hello @RobertBorchert , thank you for the reply. 

I downloaded the ACS data locally as a shapefile from my state's open data website. 

After adding symbology to the layer, I added it to the same file geodatabase as all of the other layers in the project.

This layer still will not load in AGOL as a webmap or as a feature layer.

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