Projection/Transformation - Creating a Grid

06-17-2022 01:21 AM
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Hi all,

i am working with some fairly old maps which contain a grid of sectors which are based off of geographic lat/lon lines. Considering the age I presume those maps were created with some old geodetic datum.

My goal is to recreate that grid as a shapefile/feature class.

I can create a geographic grid via Layout in arcgis pro in my current project (which uses the UTM 32N/ETRS89 coordinate system (EPSG 4647)) which i presume is then based on the ETRS89 datum, since thats the projects working system. This grid is already fairly close to my old maps. 

To create grids in another coordinate system I created different projects with different working coordinate systems and created the grids there and then tried to load these into my project. Here is where I am tripping. All of the grid I created are off by way more (several km) than I anticipated, also these dont correlate at all to the old maps. Even when I created a grid in ETRS89 (EPSG 4258 in this case) it was off by roughly the same amount. I expected at least this one to perfectly overlap with the grid I created in my original file. 

Clearly I am making some error I am not considering here. Can someone with a bit more knowledge in projections and transformations give me a hint on how to achieve my original goal?

Heres a picture of the difference of my ETRS89 grid created in my working project (black) and the loaded ETRS89 grid from the seperate project:


thanks in advance

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