Problems importing layout templates (.pagx)

02-18-2019 09:42 PM
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HI Everyone,

I spent some time putting together a suitable layout for maps for my organisation that I wish to use across multiple projects. When I am satisfied with the result I right-clicked the layout title and hit "save as layout file". I name the file and save to a specific location. When I go to import the layout file I cannot see it, even if I set the file type to .pagx. If anyone could tell me what I may be doing wrong I'd be grateful.



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What version of Pro are you working in?

Are you going to Insert->New Layout->Import a layout file at bottom and then navigating to the saved location?

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I have this problem too. Any solutions? (V 2.0.1) 

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I had the same issue when the file was in my Downloads folder. When I moved it to my C:\GIS\Geodata folder, it was able to import.

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