Problem with vertical coordinates in scene -.slpk Files- Placement ambiguity on z axis with same coordinate system

08-29-2018 09:22 AM
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Hello GeoNet Family!

I am interested in learning more about the vertical coordinate reference system associated with the scene layouts in both ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online (AGO).  Regarding the scene, I specifically was wondering if anyone has had issues with a slpk file being placed above or below the base map in ArcGIS Pro &/or ArcGIS Online?  (my slpks were created in Agisoft Photoscan) 

My problem is only regarding the z axis (elevation), as the x and y axes are placed properly.

I have one .slpk file that is displaying properly atop the basemap.  I looked into the properties of that 'good' file called "Keplar44" and noticed the vertical coordinate system and vertical datum is EGM2008 Geoid.  I compared this with the 'problem' file(s), and found that it is referencing the same vcs and vertical datum...   

For some reason Keplar44 is displaying properly on the basemap, while the other(s) are not. 

Why is this so, because according to the properties in ArcPro, they are referencing the same coordinate systems? 

This is my fundamental question I am wondering, so I can continue troubleshooting and can rectify this problem.  

Any thoughts about this? 

I see the vertical shift row in the Properties>Source>SpatialReference tab with the number at 0.0 but I cannot change it.  Also under Properties>Elevation i see the vertical exaggeration is set to 1.0 but I cannot change this either.    I have changed these settings with a .las file before, but maybe I cannot do this function with a slpk file? It seems like this is all I would need to do is shift the slpk up or down to have it line up with the basemap.

The images that built the slpk files in question (Keplar44 and 10mSSEmaint) were taken with the same camera, with the same settings, so I am wondering why I am having a good display on the with one of the files, but the other will not display properly atop the basemap? I used the same workflow and ran all the same processes on theses files. 

I also included other 'problem' scenes that I was testing and am having the same problem with.  (The images that built the two PSUstack slpk files were taken with a different camera) I tested them with a different vcs but in doing so it moved the scene from hovering above the base map (+- 50 meters above) - to sinking beneath the base map (+-30 meters below).  I have tried using various vcs's but the problem persists.   (see screenshots in drive folder)

Please see the slpk files linked to this Google Drive folder. 

Test slpks - Google Drive 

In the drive folder you will find 4 slpk files and a word document containing screenshots:

Keplar44.slpk is the properly displayed 'good' scene ( Reference system:  WGS 84 (EPSG::4326))

10mSSEmaint.slpk is the 'problem' file w/scene sunk below..  (Reference systems: also used WGS 84 (EPSG::4326))

PSUStack.slpk is another 'problem' file w/ scene floating above (Reference systems: also used WGS 84 (EPSG::4326))

PSUStackUTM.slpk is another 'problem' file w/ different ref. sys sunk below (WGS 84/ UTM zone 18N (EPSG::32618))

(It is also worth noting that with these files, although I changed the reference system before I exported in Photoscan..  When I bring the files into ArcPro and look at the properties, they all say they are using the same gcs ,vcs, and vertical datum? (GCS WGS 1984 , EGM2008 Geoid,  EGM2008 Geoid for GCS, VCS, and Vertical Datum, respectively) 

Please let me know if you have any thoughts, or questions regarding this peculiar occurrence.  

As always, thank you for your help,


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Hello Charles,

I have the same problem than you while exporting my model from Agisoft Photoscan in slpk. It appears that when exporting to slpk format, the coordinate system we choose in the reference settings in Photoscan will automatically be transfomed to GCS WGS84 + VCS EGM2008 GEOID (Here is a link to some question I asked to Agisoft : Export Tiled Model slpk format Local coordinate  ).

I wanted to know if you found a solution to the hovering problem of your model because I have the same problem with my model.

Also, I ask Esri and it's not possible to change the coordinate systems (GCS and VCS) of a slpk model ( )

Thank you

Best regards


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Any insights into this? I have the same problem: slpk model is hovering above ground/terrain in ArcPro.

I cannot alter/change the elevation information of the .slpk  file (right click>properties>elevation).

Oddly in AGOL the model sits on the ground correctly (that is partly because absolute height can be edited and is at 0).


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Was there ever a solution for this? I am having the same exact problem. I have been working on it for days and cannot find a remedy. My X and Y coordinates are properly aligned but my Z value is off. Thx

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I'll add to the list, I'm having the same problem, but it looks like no solution. 

Thanks for any help. 

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Yes please, I am also having the same problem. I noticed this problem was brought up in 2018, and I am still looking for a solution to this problem. Can somebody please help me?

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