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Problem with gaps in street light data

09-19-2023 06:44 AM
New Contributor III

I am trying to solve a problem where I need to find gaps in our street light data. I need to have street lights at every other pole, at street intersections and at dead ends/culdesacs. I have a dataset of all poles (with and without lights), a dataset of poles with lights, and a dataset of street centerlines and intersections. Using the buffer tool, I was able to find all the interesections that do not have street lights within 50 feet of them. 

How would I go about solving the problem of street lights at every other pole? This includes situations where there are poles/streetlights across the street.

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Occasional Contributor II

Spitballing here, but you could give them an ID incrementing by one, and whichever (even or odd) is supposed to have street lights, use a query along the lines of [if ID is even, and lights = true...]. Only difficult part would be to verify the numbering sequence.