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Problem Snapping Lines to Points

08-18-2023 02:10 PM
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What I am trying to do is automate snapping the end vertex of my line to a point without changing the shape of the line (I want the whole line to shift). I am trying to do this with the Snap tool (Editing Tools) but am not getting the results that I want. When I try to snap the line to only 1 point, it erases the geometry and I lose the line entirely. When I try to snap to 2 points, I lose the shape of my line. Is what I am trying to do possible with the Snap geoprocessing tool, or do I need to look for another solution?

Here's some background on what I'm trying to do for context. I have upstream and downstream points for linear structures along a watercourse. I snapped the points to the watercourse, and used Split Line at Point (Data Management Tools) to create a line between the 2 points that is the same shape as the watercourse. Now I want to move these lines so that the end vertex aligns with the original location of downstream point. 


I want to snap the purple line to the dark orange point (downstream point). If I try to snap to only this point though, the geometry of the feature is erased. 


This is the result when I try to snap to both the upstream (light orange) and downstream points. Btw the upstream point is not snapped to the line, it is just very close. 


Here is my geoprocessing window for the Snap tool. 300m was the snap distance for snapping the points to the watercourse initially so I am using the same for snapping the line back to the original point. I am iterating through 1 set of points at a time so I don't need to worry about it snapping to the wrong point. 


I am using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2


Thank you in advance.

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Hi, @AlexVerville

if you select the line and go to the editing tab you will see under the 'tools' section a tool named 'edit vertices' this will allow you to snap the points and lines together manually while keeping the curvy line.

hope this helps 🙂 

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My question is specifically about automating it. I am basically looking to replicate the Move editing tool since I do not want to reshape the line.

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