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Problem editing annotation attributes - Pro 2.7

01-11-2021 11:01 AM
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Hello. I'm having problems editing annotation in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.  Specifically, problems editing the annotation attributes. If I go to Edit tab -> Select (and then select an anno) and then click Attributes on the Selection section of the Edit tab, the anno attribute dialog will open but it locks up. The more I try to click on the dialog the more it locks up ArcGIS Pro. To get control back I have to go to the Windows Task Manager and crash out of Pro.

Here's my process:

In Pro

  Create a new map project

  Add a layer of existing local data (lakes)

  Create a new file geodatabase

  Create a new annotation feature class in the new database (not feature linked).

  Create a new annotation on the map

  Select new anno if it's not already selected

  Click the Attributes button on the Selection section of the Edit tab

The attributes dialog opens, and then the crazy starts to happen. I pretty much can't do anything after that other that crash out of Pro with the Windows Task Manager. It's hard to move the Attributes dialog or to do anything else in it.

Any ideas? .... Thanks!




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Mitch - a couple questions for you:

  1. What operating system are you using?  Windows 10 Home Edition, Windows 10 Pro, etc.?
  2. Are you using a non-English operating system?  Seems like a strange question I know but some reasons reported turning off "spell check" (Options->Application->Proofing.
  3. When was the last time you updated your video card driver?  Sometimes this causes ArcGIS Pro issues with outdated drivers.
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Hi Robert and thanks for the reply. I have Windows 10 Home Edition with the latest updates, English Edition and the latest video drivers for my card (NVidia Geforce  GTX 1080).

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Okay - thx for the update.  Next run the "Can your run ArcGIS Pro 2.7" application here to see if something is not up to par.

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Yep, my system passes with flying colors.

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Did this ever get resolved? Im having the exact same issue with 2.7: annotations, editing or selecting attributes basically locks the program up.

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Yes, I just figured it out ... after reformatting my drive, reinstalling windows and Pro (a waste of time that was!) ...

It's a High DPI Monitor problem. Here's how I fixed it:

Go to Start Menu, right click on ArcGIS Pro icon -> More -> Open File Location

Right click on the ArcGIS Pro shortcut -> Properties

Click the "Compatibility" tab

Click the "Change settings for all users" button (at the bottom)

Click the "Change high DPI settings" button (at the bottom)

Select (put a check in) "Override high DPI scaling behavior"

Select "System" from the dropdown


It took me 3 weeks to figure that one out, after spending 3 days reinstalling everything ... aaaarrrgh ...

I've attached an image that shows the dialogs ...

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Ha, I've been down the reinstall road a time or two only to find out it was something else, thank you for the response and great write up!

The high dpi is definitely the heart of the issue. Your fix worked great for the annotation attribute pane, but when I used the annotation editing tool, the program still had issues. I started to mess around with other display settings and at 150% Windows scaling (which is recommended for my monitor) it has all issues. If I scale to 125% (or less) then no issues with annotation attributes or the annotation tool, and editing actually seems to run smoother and a little snappier on the screen. Downside, I have to sit a little closer to the screen, lol.

Thanks again!

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Thank you for letting us know your results. When I tried to rename an annotation in attributes, it was freezing my computer and blinking the map frame. I tried your solution it is worked right away. I use a 4K monitor and have a similar Windows 10 Pro scaling in Display Settings for an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. and use Pro 2.7.2.

Z. Smith, Ph.D.
GIS Analyst
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Wow, thank you for sharing that--getting that straightened out lowered my blood pressure tremendously!

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