Pro not seeing records in table error - 000405

01-29-2016 03:07 AM
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Hi there

I first thought my error was related to a selection not being honored while then trying to use the Calculate Field tool to update attributes. But while trouble shooting problem, it seems I am unable to do so even without a selection.

I can confirm that my layer is a feature class in a geodatabase, it has no joins, it is ticked under the List By Selection under the Contents pane (and it shows that 659 features are selected). I am running Pro 1.2 Beta.

However, I am unable to use the Calculate Field tool to update any of the attributes and when I run the Get Count tool, it returns 0 rows.

So the layer is there, visible, and I can manually select attributes and manually edit values, and save the edits, but when trying any tools on the attribute table, like get count, calculate field, it does not "see" the records.

Any advice to solutions to try?

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