Pro not maintaining fully qualified field names during intersect - even though box is checked

07-11-2021 06:09 PM
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Pro Version 2.6.2 not maintaining fully qualified field names during intersect - even though box is checked

I am Intersecting three feature classes, two of which -  LZN_20200702 and LZN_20210630 - have the same field names.

I have ticked the “Fields > Maintain fully qualified field names” but the output is only labelling the FID for each feature class, and not maintaining qualified field names.  I need to know which original feature class the field "SYM_CODE" is from to enable a definition query.

Have I missed something ?

Screenshots of the dialog boxes:

1. The intersect feature Parameter settings


2. Environment settings


3. Resulting fields


Thank you!


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both Intersect and Pairwise Intersect are supposed to support qualified field names, but give

Pairwise Intersect (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

a try.  Make sure you don't have any unsaved edits in any layers before running any tools just in case

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Hi Dan, thanks for suggesting this, but sadly, it didn't solve the problem (for Pro 2.6 anyway).  I have yet to try it at home, will let you know if this solves it!

It is baffling, because Arcmap (V10.6.1) is doing the same thing - I'm certain that prior to this version it reliably prefixed fields with the original table name.



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In addition to Dan's response, I see you're using ArcGIS Pro 2.6.2.  The current release of ArcGIS Pro is 2.8.1 - you may want to update your ArcGIS Pro to the latest release to take advantage of improvements, new tools, new workflows and BUG fixes too.

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Hi Robert, unfortunately because I'm working for local government I can't control our upgrade schedule.  It has to tie in with our Digital Tech Section's list of work.  However I have the latest version on my home PC so I will try it there, cheers

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I am using version 2.8.3 and am experiencing the same issue.  I have confirmed that the setting is checked to "Maintain fully qualified field names." Also, the output of the Intersect is being written to a file geodatabase.