Pro 2.9 Grey Box Object in Layout

02-25-2022 10:54 AM
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Hi, I have experienced unknown light grey boxes appearing in my layout tab of ArcGIS Pro 2.9.  I thought the patch release resolved the issue, but it is appearing once again.  Zooming out can make them disappear, but they will inevitably reappear.  

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Never seen anything like this before, but here are some ideas to try to troubleshoot before you call support:

1.  Update your GPU (Graphics card) driver from the manufacturer.  You can find out what kind of GPU you have by running the "Can You Run It?" tool at, it will give you a report that will mention your graphics card name/model.  You can post a screenshot here as a reply if you need more guidance.

2.  Switch from DirectX to OpenGL in the Options->Display menu - if the problem goes away, then it's likely a GPU driver problem, see item 1.

If you can determine what steps cause the boxes to occur (e.g. it only happens when I click and drag a box using selection tool, only occurs when another window is on top of Pro window and then moved, etc.) that would also help troubleshoot.


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Thank you Jeremy,

This is likely the issue.

I do know that I am not equipped with a dedicated GPU, it is just emulated. 

I will be testing out 2.9 on my personal laptop, which does meet full specs to run the software (GeForce GTX 1060) to see if I run into the same display issues.  If not, than it is safe to say your diagnosis is correct.

I appreciate your assistance!