getting Metes and Bound description from existing polygon

03-01-2022 06:21 AM
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We are able to get the metes and bounds description from an existing polygon in ArcGis Desktop but I am unable to find how to accomplish this in ArcGIS Pro? In Desktop you capture a polygon, turn on edit then open the Traverse tool right click and you are able to get the metes and bounds calls for the polygon but when I try the same steps in PRO nothing? 

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In Pro, "opening" a traverse is done using the Trace Lines option. Unfortunately, this only applies to line layers.

A workaround for this is to generate linear features along the boundary of the polygon. And of course the Polygons to Lines tool requires an advanced license...

You can attempt to copy the polygon and paste it into a lines layer, but this keeps the entire boundary, and once again, the tool to address this quickly and easily, Split Line at Vertices, needs an advanced license.

I think the short answer, unfortunately, is that you cannot quickly or easily see the metes and bounds description of a polygon without a corresponding line layer for the polygon boundaries.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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