Preserve Label Placement with Reference Scale

08-12-2021 12:23 PM
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In ArcPro 2.7, is there a way to set the label positioning to the reference scale?

I have a reference scale set to 1:2,300,000, and each labeled layer's display properties are set to scale with reference scale.  Now I have two map layouts, one in tabloid (11x17), and one in ANSI D (22x34), and the larger map has a scale of 1:1,200,000.  When I compare the two maps, many labels shift around because of the different scales used in the layouts.

While the symbols and label font sizes are consistent, I would prefer the positioning to be set at the reference scale as well so that each layout is exactly the same.  Locking the labels doesn't appear to work between map and layout view, unless I'm missing something there.

Thanks for any input!

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To preserve the positioning of your map labels, convert labels to annotation. The annotation labels are created with a specified reference scale (1:2,300,000 in your case) so the annotation labels will be larger when zoomed to a larger scale map layout. 

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