Precondition as an either or?

09-13-2021 07:26 PM
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Anyone have an idea on how to setup an either or type precondition? I have two work flows that lead to the same raster: c_raster, but because of the workflows they end up with two different variable names. In the case of the picture below it's C_raster and C_Raster.  

In the next step the C_raster's physical file path is used in the mosaic tool; however, i need to setup a precondition that make sure the c_raster is created before the mosaic tool runs otherwise i get an incorrect output. Any idea on how to make it so whether the c_Raster precondition or the c_raster's precondition is true that the mosaic will work? If both are added as preconditions the mosaic won't operate because one will inevitable always be false.Capture.PNG


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Preconditions—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  I think, if only one of the preconditions are met (you can have multiple preconditions.  You may need to use if-else logic to see if one or the other is met

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