Possible to Create Form in Pro or Online, to Add or Delete Domain Values for Non-GIS People?

08-11-2023 09:31 AM
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We have an employees table that changes regularly.  We would like to have someone whom is not GIS knowledgeable to be able to delete or add values/employee names in the domain via a form.  Is this even remotely possible?

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Assuming this layer is hosted on AGOL / Portal, yes, it could potentially be done. But you'd need some other piece in the puzzle, maybe Make or a custom webhook. Essentially, a Survey123 form could present the user with all values in the domain, then let them specify which to remove or add.

The results of that form could be used to construct a POST request that is then sent to the service's REST endpoint, which, with the proper authentication, could edit the domains.

Never done anything remotely like it, but I have worked with Make and editing domains with JSON and POST requests, so putting the two together seems plausible to me.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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