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Populate a field Based on 2 matches from Table

08-01-2023 10:05 AM
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I have a Zip Code Shp File loaded and added several fields. Those fields Are business names that do business in the various Zip Codes in the shp file. I also have an excel "table" that has zip codes in column "A"  and the corresponding Business Names across row 1 beginning in column "B". Each cell inside of this "table" contains the number of items sold in that zip code by  that business. I need help finding a way to bring in the number of items sold from the excel sheet to the Shp file table and populating the correct field with the data. I am not sure how to go about this and don't have enough knowledge in Python or other scripting languages to know where to begin. It may also be worth noting that only the alias contains the full business name as the field name forces me to shorten it. 

In short, I need to match the Zip code and business name and if both match in both files import the corresponding value to the appropriate field in the shapefile table. 

Any help is appreciated. and thank you in advance. 


I do have a sample Excel sheet if it is helpful, though I don't currently see a way to upload it. 

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I'm not sure of the structure of your table in either the shp file or the excel file (this info would be useful).  But is there a reason you cannot bring the excel file into your project as a stand-alone table and join it to the shp file by common attribute (zip code)?

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