Pixel Editor creating giant file

04-26-2021 11:52 AM
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I'm trying to use the Pixel Editor to replace some areas from UAV imagery we flew. While it's working in Pro, when I try to save the changes it creates a 'commit' file that is far more massive than the original image. 

A have a screenshot of the file sizes below. This is what was left after I left it on the 'saving' screen for about 4 hours and then cancelling it. I am trying again to today and it is still in the middle of saving after 5 hours. I am guessing it is writing it in a really high resolution, but the source image is in NAD83 US ft state plane, so is my map, and I haven't changed and cell size or spatial reference settings anywhere.

2021-04-26 08_20_03-2_mosaic.png

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I am wondering if Save As New, allows control over the output format and properties.

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If you are using Save, it has to save the entire raster as if it is writing a new file.  It is possible that in this time there is inflated temp files. I do see that the file sizes are quite significantly different in size - is it possible that the source raster has been compressed?  That would also affect the source and temp file size difference. 

As @DanPatterson mentioned, SaveAs will allow you to export the changes to a new raster dataset, which uses the Export Raster pane, you will have control over many aspects of saving out a new raster dataset - including compression. 

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Saving as new lets me tweak the parameters, unfortunately it keeps failing after about an hour with no elaboration on the error. 

The uncompressed size is 27gb, so still not sure where the +100gb is coming from. Could the tool just be straining with this large of a file?  I have hefty workstation with 32gb RAM, so it's not capping out there.

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Jason, it might be struggling with a file that size, but it is just using the regular Export Raster (if you perform Save As). I am at a loss of what might be occurring. 


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