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Permanently reorder fields in a ArcGIS Pro parcel fabric

12-21-2022 06:07 AM
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Is there a way to permanently reorder fields within a ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric?  Feature Class to Feature Class does not seem to work because there is a strong relationship between the polygon and line classes within a parcel fabric.


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I wonder if the workflow in this post would work?  Create a new feature class with the fields/schema in the preferred order.  Then use the Append GP tool to append the records from the source feature class to the new feature class.  Then rename the "old" parcel feature class to a new name like FC_OLD or something like that.  THEN, rename the "new" FC to the name of the old FC.  Could work but I wonder if by doing this would "break" something in the Parcel Fabric.

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I tried a similar workflow.  It did not work.

  • I tried to use feature class to feature class to export "TaxParcels" into "TaxParcels_new." 
  • Next I renamed "TaxParcels" to "TaxParcels_original"
  • Last I renamed "Tax Parcels_new" to "TaxParcels"

This process did not work.  When I renamed the original tax parcels from "TaxParcels" to "TaxParcels_original" then the line feature class changed from "TaxLines" to "TaxLines_original_lines".  Therefore I cannot rename feature classes.

I will reorder fields within my project until I find a way to permanently reorder the fields without breaking anything.






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Esri just needs to make this tool and be done with it. It's been under consideration for over a decade. Either just do this small project and be done with it or come up with a real good reason why they can't do it.

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