PDF Layout Exporting Off-Center

02-23-2021 02:07 PM
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My landscape 8.5 x 11 layout has the map frame off-set .2 inches from the edge of the paper on all sides. However, when I export the PDF the file is exporting off-centered (see image below). It opens like this in Adobe Acrobat and prints off centered. 

How it exports:


Map layout in ArcPro (not off-centered):


I am using ArcPro 2.7.1

Do I need to change some setting in the PDF - Export Layout properties pane? I export landscape 8.5 x 11 layouts all the time and have never had this issue before. I haven't changed any of the layout export properties. Something new in an update? 

Edited to add:

When I export the same layout as a PNG it comes out centered correctly. When my co-worker opens the same APRX on her computer and exports the same layout as a PDF it comes out correctly. 

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Interesting.  So it exports and centered properly on a colleagues machine and as a *.png.  Whenever I see strangeness like this I rename my ESRI folder to ESRI_OLD in the following directories:
1.  C:\Users\<user profile>\appdata\local
2. C:\Users\<user profile>\appdata\roaming

What is the result?  Please advise.  Thx!

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Any resolution to the off-centered pdf export? I have the same problem and it's driving me nuts. 

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