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02-04-2022 01:06 PM
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I was hoping for some help with an assignment that I have. I will do my best to explain the situation. 

I have a layer in ArcGIS Pro that consists of 800 parcels in a municipality. This "parcel" layer as I call it has an owner field and a total acreage field. 

My assignment is to find the parcels that are owned by the same owner and create a new layer that merges the parcels owned by the same owner into a new parcel polygon feature. I want to keep in mind that there are multiple parcels owned by the same owners. 

Once I do that and have my new layer I want to do an analysis and find all of those new parcels that are greater than 10 acres. 

I'm willing to try any method of doing this whether it's a query, python script, using the GUI. I just can't come up with the steps in my mind and I'd appreciate any help. 

Thank you!

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Select Layer by Attribute,  query on the owner's name in the field that contains the owner names

Then right-click on the layer, export data to save the results

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You can try dissolving the parcels by owner name, using the acreage as the statistics field. Then select any parcels whose sum acreage are greater than 10.
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