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Ortho Mapping - Orthomosaic not stitching drone photos together properly

03-16-2023 07:24 AM
New Contributor III

I'm using a Mavic 2 drone to capture images to create an orthomosaic in ArcPro (3.1.0).

I'm new to creating Orthomosaics using the Ortho Mapping tools in ArcPro and am running into issues with the photos stitching together properly.

I have followed all instructions on this site and used GCPs collected from a high accuracy GPS device. The orthomosaic was created with no errors, however the seamlines of the images are visible in several spots and are not aligned well. I also followed some youtube videos where their orthos look great and I just cannot seem to get mine to look as smooth as theirs.

I attached some photos of the issue. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!ortho1.JPGortho2.JPG


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I usually use CloudCompare software to manipulate raster imagery.

It's free and excellent for this type of thing.

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