Ortho mapping. Modify Image Collection

12-14-2020 04:09 PM
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Hi all,

I have some doubts with the last steps of the ortho-mapping process.  I’m performing the ortho-image of several flights we made this year. Once I adjusted, added GCPs and readjusted again I run the tool to make the ortho-mosaic to assess the results and perform changes.

In general, the image was pretty good. However, some specific areas need improvement. The ortho-mosaic was performed with edge configuration method which is better to hide sharp transitions between images. The problem is that in some cases the selection of the image used for the ortho-mosaic was not the best choice.


The image on the left is my ortho-mosaic and on the right is Esri’s imagery. As you see in the image the forest on the left shore of the river shows great distortion and, because of the perspective of the image chosen, it covers elements that must appear.

How can I change the limits of the seams to control the output in this area? I’d like the images selected on the right side extend more towards left and cover the shore and the road. I tried to change seams manually unsuccessfully since apparently the images now are pointing to a MapCache, so when I move the seam, the area appears black.

Thank you


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