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02-14-2022 08:56 AM
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What am I doing wrong here? I am trying to relate a table with multiple rows of data to another table that has one row of data with the coordinates for that point. The "Lith" table contains the lithology and intervals for the on water well that was drilled which is shown on the TX Well location table. The well location table only has on row for each hole & has the coordinates for that hole. How do I relate the "lith" table with its many rows to that one hole from the tx well data? As you can see in the images "WellReportTrackingNumber" is my relating field for both tables? Screenshot 2022-02-14 104827.jpg

Screenshot 2022-02-14 104901.jpg

My workflow for what I have tried so far is the following:

1. Import both tables (Lith) & (Tx Well Location) which I also plotted. 

2. Click on the plotted point layer > Add Relate & then do the following.

Screenshot 2022-02-14 105322.jpg

After this I try and check the join but nothing seems to have happened. Screenshot 2022-02-14 105441.jpg


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Use the Table to Table GP tool and convert the *.csv to a file geodatabase table and test the relate again.  Presuming your TX Well Data is a point feature class and not an XY Event Layer.

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Perfect that worked, thanks!!

How will sharing this onto online work now? Do I just go to the point layer > sharing > share as web layer? 

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