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NLCD retrofit product attributes

04-13-2023 09:18 AM
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I am working with a NLCD retrofit product with includes cover types of time B (ID 1-7) and covers that changed from time A to time B (ID 8 til the end) . In the image below, ID 1-7 are the habitat types of time B . ID 8 til the end are the numbers of cells that have changed from one type to another. NLCD layout.PNG

I built a new raster which contained ID 8 to the end and classified their habitat types. For example, ID8-13 are now ID 1 in the new raster and their cover type is Open water. My purpose here was to make the ID of the new raster the same as the cover types in time A (above). For instance, ID1 in the new raster is Open Water because those are the cells that changed from open water in time A to other types in time B. See the image below.

new raster.PNG

My ultimate goal is to reconstruct cover types for time A. So I think what I need to do is merge these two rasters so that the numbers of cells add up for ID 1-7. For example, ID1, Open water, count=254117+6370 However, this has been difficult. I have tried to use Mosaic To New Raster, Con, Combine, and Raster Calculator functions but have been unsuccessful in reconstructing the cover types for time A.  

I hope I have articulated this problem clearly and thank you for your help and input! 

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