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01-24-2018 06:39 AM
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Will there be a way to utilize the multiple maps you can now do in Pro, with the Map Series/Dynamic Text function? Currently I have a map layout referencing two maps, and the map series is formatted to use one layer in the first map, and I have dynamic text from those attributes. I'd like to be able to utilize the second map with dynamic text and the automatic map extent that is useful with the map series. Is this something that could be done in the future? Or is there a way to do it currently that I've missed? I think given the functionality of multiple maps/layouts in Pro it could be a very useful addition. 

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I was looking for the same kind of functionality. It looks like it is not possible if this thread is the same idea:

Can map series page query have multiple values? 

Also, this thread was posted asking a similar thing:

Is it possible to have multiple map series in the same layout in ArcGIS Pro?  

Maybe it's time to make an ArcGIS Ideas‌ but GeoNet is being so glitch for me right now that I cannot do it

(I keep getting this error:


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Hi Michelle and Adrian, 

Currently, a layout has one map series and that map series is driven by feature in a layer (Spatial Map Series) or by Bookmarks (Bookmark Map Series - new at version 2.6) that is tied to one map frame on the layout as explained here - Map series—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation .

If I understand the use cases described above and in the links that Adrian provides, I believe that options are currently available to achieve these goals. Michelle states - 

"I'd like to be able to utilize the second map with dynamic text and the automatic map extent that is useful with the map series." 

I believe the solution is setting a constraint ( available from the Map frame properties Display options tab) to set a desired extent for any secondary map frame and then using the display options for any table attributes added to the layout (available from the Dynamic Text drop down on the Insert tab of the ribbon - Layout view active. Look for "Value" under Table Attribute.

A secondary map frame (pointing to the "second map") can have its extents linked to the extent of a different map frame (the "primary" map frame that has the index layer that defines the map series pages).  Below is the relevant text from the help topic Map frame constraints—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  

Map series constraints

Additional constraints are also available if a layout contains a spatial map series. The Map series constraint is automatically applied to the map frame containing the index layer and cannot be removed. Other map frames in the layout can have any of the standard or linked map frame constraints applied as well as an additional constraint.

As the extent of the secondary map frame changes based on the current extent of the primary map frame any dynamic elements linked to this map frame ("secondary map") will update as well provided you set the element to be dynamic.

For dynamic text I've extracted the relevant text from the help topic Add and modify dynamic text—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Table dynamic text

Table dynamic text has a slightly different insert experience. Table dynamic text returns attribute values or statistics from a specified layer or stand-alone table in a map frame. Since there can be multiple map frames, layers, and stand-alone tables on a layout, table dynamic text requires you to select the data you want. Table dynamic text can also be filtered. You can use all the data in a table or a subset. You do this by setting the Query parameter. The following are the query options:

  • All rows—Uses every row in the table.
  • Visible rows—Uses all the rows for data visible in the map extent. This is not an option for stand-alone tables, because they are not displayed on the map.
  • Custom query—Uses a query created by the user using the query builder. This query builder expression is applied to all rows in the table and can't be limited to rows visible in the map extent.
  • Map series rows—Uses only the rows that intersect the current map series index feature. This option is only available for a spatial map series and does not apply to stand-alone tables.

Additional parameters can also be set for the Table Attribute and Table Statistic groups in table dynamic text.

The two issues that Adrian links...

Can map series page query have multiple values? 

Is it possible to have multiple map series in the same layout in ArcGIS Pro?  

... are a bit more complicated, and though you cannot do either of these through the UI, I believe you can accomplish the same goals using For more information please see Introduction to—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


There are a couple of sample scripts that can offer a good starting point.

MapSeries_LayoutManager_Pro24 - 

Thematic Map Series_Pro25 -  

Hope this helps, 


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I did many posts on this topic.  Unfortunately, no news from ESRI if they will finally introduce a real map series not the actual map series who is in fact a layout series.

Since Pro the situation regress from arcmap where, at least, we can deactivate dataframe and leave one map datadraven and leave the others not.

Do you know if finally we can expect something in the near future to make Pro easier to use for cartographers?

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All, I found an idea related to multi-map map series here: Use Multiple Map Series in Single Layout - Esri Community

Go like it!

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