Multiple Dynamic Pictures in Layout Map Series (Filter Issue)

09-28-2021 08:33 AM
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I am working on an Asset Management project, and would like to export a single page per feature with all (or at least several) attachments.  This has been accomplished with an OID based Map Series.  In addition to various OID specific attributes, I have added several Pictures set to Dynamic, <Attachment> .  My problem is that the Attachment Filter field appears to be based on the Attachment's file name, (i.e. "LMNOP.jpeg"), and my attachments have no common naming conventions.

I would like to have a similar functionality as exists in Reports, to add an Attachment Frame with a given number of rows and columns that self populate based on ATTACHMENTID (or similar) and not be tied to the attachment file name. 

All features and attachments are currently hosted in AGOL. The work around I have identified would require exporting to .gdb, downloading, exporting/renaming attachments, re-adding attachments, replacing hosted feature class.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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