multidimensional layer problems with Sentinel-1 and PlanetScope

12-16-2021 05:56 AM
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Hello all!


I am writing my masters thesis about quantifiyng vegetation degradation. For this I want to create a timeserie from Sentinel-1 and PlanetScope imagery, however this does not work. I use the method to create a multidimensional layer and eventually a cloud raster format from this webpage, After I used the "add rasters to mosaic dataset" tool it goes wrong. I can add rasters with spatial and specral information (TIFF or JP2 files), however these rasters do not have any information about the acquisition date. Or I can add rasters with information about the acquisition date and more (XML files), however this does not have spatial or spectral information. 

Does somebody know a way to solve this problem?


Using the method from the webpage I am able to create a crf file from Sentinel-2 imagery, thus this method should work fine.


Thank you in advance and best regards,

Kevin Hamann

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I have currently the same problem as working on my master thesis. Did you find a solution for the problem with adding the Planet imagery to the mosaic dataset?


Janine Krüger

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Hi Kevin. Didi  you re sample the images before creating the Multidimentional raster for sentinel 2?

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