Modifying graticules in Layout not working

11-30-2021 11:35 AM
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I am trying to create graticules for an inset map, and although I can insert the generic "Black Horizontal Label Graticule", I cannot manually adjust the components (Labels, ticks, and gridlines) after unchecking the automatically adjust button.

When I try to change the intervals it doesn't reflect the change in the map. I've tried multiple computers, creating a new layout, new project, new data, and updating ArcPro from 2.8 to 2.9... Sometimes when I remove the gridlines and secondary ticks they are removed from the map but not every time (see screenshot)

Any suggestions? could it be a bug or am I just missing something?

I attached a screenshot showing what it looks like



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Esri Contributor

It looks like you might have multiple grids on your layout, or a graticule layer in your map which can make it appear confusing. Also in the first image you are getting a grid warning saying that your interval is so small it won't draw correctly which could be part of the problem. There might be a bug, or it might just be a complicated setup. Tech support should be able to troubleshoot it if you are able to reach out to them here:

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