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Model Builder Validation changes Parameter pathways

04-18-2024 08:44 AM
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Hi there,

I've used Model Builder for more than 10 years so I've seen a lot of the finicky glitches that can happen (just as a caveat). I don't go adding scripting tools to my models, they are all pretty Acrpro vanilla tools brought in.

I've just had to update some models from .tbx to .atbx as I noticed this was a thing only this week. I'm running 2.9.7. and can't do any updating as I have to wait for all the other business enterprise components for maybe another year. I read online that using .atbx in 2.9 was ok.

I've learned in the past that copy and pasting older models into new ones will give you issues eventually so I was strict in re-creating the tools anew.

I found in my new models that whenever I set my variables as 'Parameters' and then clicked 'Validate' all their pathways change to the default.gdb C:\\ pathway ArcPro has setup. I understand the existence of Environments settings of Current and Scratch Workspace. The variables that I use come from many different places, not one gdb so I ignored the Current Workspace setting. I set the Scratch Workspace to the 'working.gdb' that is used for most of the model outputs which is on a network drive. It still changed the 'Parameters' to C/ etc. after I validated the model again. The only solution was to remove any parameters from the model. This happened to both input variables and workspaces that I set to Parameters.

I'd never had this problem with models before now. Do I just have to force a random 'Current Workspace' into the settings? I have to copy these models many times over into many folders so having to update the environment settings EVERY TIME I do that seems utterly ridiculous. I already have to update those actual 'Parameter' variables every time.

If anyone has some idea on how to stop this I'd be very happy to hear.


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