Mobile map packages for offline fails with missing & pixelated maps.

07-29-2021 07:12 AM
New Contributor

For ArcGIS Pro, I've been trying to generate mobile map packages for offline use for the past few days and can't seem to figure out why I am getting sections of these maps without detail. The area is "pixelated", in a sense, as if no detail layers were added. I get no errors or warnings when generating the map, and nothing logging or notifying of any issues.

I am simply using the "World Topographic Map" as the starting point, then using the "download map" with "include basemap and tile layers" checked. After I get the areas I want downloaded for use, and waiting an hour for the map to generate using the "create mobile map package", I get a result that looks like this:

Error On Map 2.PNG

This is just one example of a few maps that have the same issue.

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