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05-02-2022 09:06 AM
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Hi,  I wonder why we see many Microsoft Edge web view instance (six now) when the program takes forever when doing annotation cleanup.  Only trying to clean annotations?

Does someone know?

Really hope that version 3 will improve speed since, for now, it's far, far, far slower than arcmap when cleaning annotations.

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We migrated from CefSharp to WebView at Pro 2.9. At 2.9, the following windows use WebView2 to render: 

  • Pop-Ups
  • Charts
  • Infographics tool & Marketing Wizard
  • The Named User Sign-In Dialogue
  • Workflow Manager's Job View
  • The Catalog View's Metadata Display

You should be seeing the various (~6) WebView2 windows running when you've interacted with any of the above in a project, and in normal circumstances they should not be interfering with performance, and I can't determine why any of these windows would be specific to annotation editing/cleanup. In the context of your annotation workflow, what does 'cleaning' mean? Are you using an Edit Annotation tool? 




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Hi Bradley,

Only simple selection, moving or rotating annotations.  It takes time, after selecting an annotation to gain control and moving it and, after doing so, take time to gain control to pass on the other one.  Sometime I have time to eat or sleep before making the next selection and apply an action to it.  If not enough, the mapseries sometime disappears after making a correction and I have to reactivate navigate to...  

It's much slower with 2.9 than older version that was slower than arcmap but not as 2.9. When looking at the task manager I just see built up of these Microsoft Edge WebView2.