Merging classes after supervised classification

06-08-2022 03:11 PM
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I recently downloaded NLCD Landcover imagery raster from MRLC to detect landcover changes between 2019 and 2001, after clipping the raster to my study area, I wanted to condense the classes for example deciduous and evergreen as forest, all type of wetlands as wetland and so on. From the imagery tab I clicked the merge classes tab and the attached screenshot appears. My question is how do I get the classification schema to condense the classes bearing mind that this raster layer has already been classified? Or are there any other way I could condense the classes in ArcGIS pro?



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@KateEkhator74, have you taken a look at the Reclassify tool?

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Reclassify tool disturb the cells in other classes as well. You can notice variable count for other classes in reclassified raster which we don't want to change. I found this problematic

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