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Map Series - Landowner Maps

11-06-2023 02:26 PM
New Contributor

ArcGIS Pro 3.1.3. We send landowners exhibits of their land from time to time and I have been using map series to do this but looking for some help to consolidate all the maps we send to each landowner. When I create a map series and add a page query to the feature class, the map series will create unique maps for each unique parcel. What I am wanting to learn is if there is a way to only have one map for each landowner that shows all of their parcels. For example, if John Doe has five individual parcels, I want the map series to create one map showing all five of his individual parcels, not five maps showing each individual parcel. 

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Esri Contributor

Hi blakeliss_prc,

I think that there are two ways that could help you achieve what you're trying to do here. The first way would be to continue with the Spatial map series, but instead of creating the map series based off the current Name field for the landowner, you would first use a GP tool to help consolidate the parcels to each landowner. To do this, you would use the Dissolve GP tool, which creates multi-part polygons that can be used for a Spatial map series. If you use the Dissolve tool on the Name field of your landowner parcel data, and then create a Spatial map series based off of that new Name field, each page of the map series would be zoomed out to the extent of all of the parcels for each landowner. 

The second way would be to create bookmarks that show the full extent of the parcels for a landowner and create a Bookmark map series instead of a Spatial one. To do so, on the map with your parcels layer, you would select the parcels by owner, zoom to selected, and then create a bookmark. You would then continue that workflow for each landowner. Once all the bookmarks are made, you can then create a Bookmark map series.

Hopefully this will help you get a bit closer to what you're looking for! Here's extra documentation about the Dissolve GP tool (Dissolve (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation) and Bookmark map series (Create a bookmark map series—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation).

Hope this helps!



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