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Map Scroll Bars

02-11-2021 11:18 AM
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How do I turn on my map scroll bars in Pro?

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are you looking for how to navigate a map?

Navigate maps and scenes—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation


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Following this....because I have yet to find any scroll bars in Pro. I think they assume you have a multi-directional mouse that will let you move with scroll wheel. I use "C" a lot and "palm" may way around.

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I don't see any Enhancement Requests within the internals nor an ArcGIS Idea for scroll bars in Map View.  My suggestion is to create an ArcGIS Idea for this item so it gets visibility with the ArcGIS Pro Developers.

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I don't think there is one available.  A better option for you is to use the Navigator.  It's under the view tab -> Navigation group.



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"Better" option?  Um, just because you think it's better doesn't mean it's better.  IMO Options are better, multiple ways to do thing are better.

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Definitely not better, particularly not if you are used to working with navigation tools in Adobe software and for that matter, previous versions of ArcGIS.  Way to slow us down ArcGIS!

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Mariyana: Have you tried using the "Heading" compass? I just discovered it. Under Options--> Navigations-->On Screen Navigator-->Pull down to either Heading or Full Control. Both create a compass rose thing in your map window. You can press on different sides and it will scroll. (It also will change your north heading if you're not careful.) But you can press on the ring and it will scroll in that direction. Maybe that is the thing that is supposed to replace the scroll bars. 

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You can use the PgUp, PgDn, Home and End keys to move around the map, although those don't allow you to directly pan diagonally. You can also hold down Q and move the cursor in the direction you want to pan (behaves like C but doesn't change the cursor to the hand/palm).

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But what if I PREFER using scroll bars?  Why is Pro telling me what I can and can't do instead of giving me the option to do what I want?