LRS Route Event Issue via Access vs SQL Server

10-09-2023 02:42 PM
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  I have a table that I have created in Access for LRS measures for a small project.  I've accessed the table through the "New OLE DB Connection" and using "Microsoft Office 16.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider".

  When I "Make Route Event Layer", the data displays just fine, however I can't select individual projects.  It just selects everything in the new layer, but doesn't even show they are selected in the Attribute Editor or in the Attributes pane at all.



  If I put that exact same Access table on SQL (via SQL Server Management Studio 19.1), and then link the table into Pro via that method, everything works the way it should and I can select individual projects in that table and have the data for that displayed.


  Does anyone know why this would be only occuring with linking the table through Access and not SQL?  Am I not linking the Access table correctly eventhough it does display the data?

  Confused here...

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