Locate tool does not list matches.

04-29-2022 07:50 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2

I'm having trouble with my 'Locate' tool behaving badly. I have it configured with a couple of address locator services, as well as a few specific attribute fields in some of my map layers. This allows me to enter an address, a parcel ID, or lease ID into the search box and quickly find the property location on the map....it works fairly well, except....

Normally, the tool is supposed to list matches in a result list (even if just one single matching feature) below the search box and pan/flash the matching feature on the map. The results list allows users to see which map layer the attribute match was made within, and to right-click a record and choose from a context menu (select feature, zoom to feature, pan to feature, etc.). But my Locate tool never lists results anymore, when searching map layers, even when successful matches are made, and it doesn't flash the feature on the map (it does still pan to the feature). I'm not sure what has cause this change. I does still correctly list matches when entering an address, utilizing the address locator services. 

I have tried several tests in new Pro projects and I can replicate the problem, but it seems to happen when numerous layers are configured in the Locate tool.

Screenshot shows a successfully matched parcel ID search, but nothing listed in the results space:

Is this a known issue? Bug? Are there known limitations that I'm not aware of? I've tested similar setups in other .aprx documents 

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For reference, here is how I have my settings configured (the attribute field configuration and search order is very intentional):



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Any luck ?! I’m just starting to get this behavior all of a sudden?

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