Local Government Scene - Error in geometry

05-20-2019 02:11 AM
New Contributor

Hello Everyone

I'm using the Local Government scene to make a 3d representation of our city.  So far everything has been working as described in the tutorial, but I have encountered an error.

I've used a LAS scanning combined with the footprint of the houses to generate the base geometry of the houses.  Afterwards I'm manually looking at each building using arial photos as reference and refining the building. I'm slicing the footprint into different parts and combining the different shapes to match the building look.

I'm trying to make a building like this, but somehow my different roofforms don't line up, the way they should.  See below.  I've split the building footprint into two different Shed roofform with the same Building height attribute. Both have the same Base elevation and the same Building height - the only parameter that is different is the elevation height for the lower part of the roof.

Any ideas?  Even though it would work as it is now in the grand scheme of the overall city model, but it still bugs me, when I am going through each house manually, that it can't be as perfect as I would like it to be.

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