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Letter spacing does not export to PDF - but only sometimes

04-18-2024 03:37 PM
New Contributor III

I have two layouts, based on two separate map frames, in a project. I created one map, and then duplicated the layout and changed some of the elements to create the second map. The titles on each have a letter spacing of 10%. 

Upon export to PDF, one of the layouts preserved the 10% letter spacing, and the other ignored it. The only way I could get the letter spacing to work was to check 'output to image', but then I had to jack the image quality up to an unreasonable file size to make it look good, so this is not a solution. 

I'm guessing there's something in the one layout that is causing this that is not in the other layout? I can't figure out why it would only fail on one, but I'm not sure what to look for to fix it. Any advice appreciated!

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