Layer to kml does not export all features

11-10-2021 10:44 PM
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OS: Windows 10

App: ArcGIS Pro 2.8.3

I have a polygon layer, I wan to export  it as kmz, when I use the tool, it works without any warning, but when I open the kmz file in google earth pro, some features are displayed s as label, no polygon.

I opened the kmz in ArcPro or even QGIS  but I notice some polygons are missing.

I tried several time but the issues still exist.


I exported same layer to kml using QGIS, all feature are exported without any issue. That means nothing wrong with the layer.

Note: my layer contains sjut single part polygon.

Has anyone faced this issue.

Layer exported from ArcProLayer exported from ArcPro

Same layer exported from QGISSame layer exported from QGIS


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