Layer queries in ArcGIS based on select_multiple question from survey123

01-17-2022 09:20 AM
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Hi guys,
I am having an issue creating layers and groups of layers in ArcGIS Pro based on the specific fields (select_multiple) from a Survey123 form.

What I have done so far was to create and duplicate layers based on the survey feature layer and restrict the information of each layer to show only specific data using "Definitions Queries".

It works perfectly with select_one questions but with select_multiple I am having some issues.

My example is very simple. I have different types of buildings and each building uses many types of constructions materials. In the select_multiple question, I have the options: e.g. Brick; Stone; Timber, etc.

In the cases in which the buildings have only one material, the query "equal to" works perfectly. But in the cases in which the building has many materials, the query "equal to" does not work since it needs all the variables possible. With three materials is simples but you have a list of 20 materials, the options for answers are not possible to address with a simple query (al least for me).

I tried the query "contains the text" but it does not also work well when you have multiple materials selected for one building.

For example, I am willing to be able to show in the map all the Buildings that are Residential, and, if helpful, to show only the ones with timber and brick. But If needed, only the ones with bricks (without excluding any building that contains bricks) 
The goal is to have this ability to select the data to show on the map in a simple way for the user.
I would appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance for your patience and help.

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