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KMZ Polygon not lining up over ArcGIS Pro Basemap

01-23-2022 05:58 PM
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I have a KMZ file that contains one Polygon drawn around an airport's runway. I used Google Earth to draw the polygon and it lines-up around the runway (see image below).

Polygon on Google EarthPolygon on Google Earth

But when I tried to add this KMZ file to ArcGIS Pro, the polygon does not line-up over the runway, and is off by about 8 feet (see image below).

KMZ Polygon added to ArcGIS ProKMZ Polygon added to ArcGIS Pro

As can be seen in the image in ArGIS Pro, the polygon is offset to the right, by about 8 feet. To get the KMZ into ArcGIS Pro I used the ArcGIS 'KML to Layer' Geoprocessing tool to convert the KMZ file to a layer, and also tried drag-and-drop of the KMZ file over the map. The ArcGIS Pro basemap I am trying to use is the 'Imagery Hybrid' basemap. Interestingly the polygon lines-up with the 'NAIP Imagery Hybrid' basemap. 

The Coordinate System of the map in ArcGIS Pro's is 'WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere)' and the KMZ Layer's is 'WGS 1984'. My understanding is that ArcGIS does an on-the-fly projection to the KMZ layer's coordinate system. I also tried creating a dummy polygon Feature Class with the coordinate system set to 'WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere)', since the ArcGIS Basemaps use this coordinate system. I eventually need to publish this to ArcGIS Online, and this is another reason to use this coordinate system.

What is causing the polygon to not line-up with the 'Imagery Hybrid' basemap in ArcGIS Pro, and how do I get the polygon in the KMZ file to line-up over the basemap in ArcGIS Pro?


Here is the KMZ file. 

Runway Polygon KMZ File 

Here is the zip file of the ArcGIS Pro project

ArcGIS Pro project zip file 


ArcGIS Pro 2.9.1

Windows 10

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Layers are projected on the fly to the coordinate system of the map, not the other way around.

The first layer in the map determines the coordinate system of the map, it can be changed, but it doesn't happen unless you do it.

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The NAIP imagery doesn't line up exactly with the World Imagery basemap. This is not unusual.

Since you digitised against the NAIP imagery, just add the NAIP Imagery to Pro and show your outline over it. Alternatively, digitise from the World Imagery basemap.







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I digitized using Google Earth, not NAIP imagery. I used Google Earth to draw the polygon and generate the KMZ file. This polygon does not line-up with the ArcGIS Pro basemap 'Imagery Hybrid'. 

Btw, I am not able to access the NAIP image server link. 

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As seen in your images above, the two different aerial photos are not the same. In an ideal world, all aerial imagery should be in exactly the same place but this is never the case. The Google image was stitched and referenced a certain way. The Esri image was stitched and referenced a certain way. These might not have been the same way. 

As Luke pointed out, if you intend to use the Esri imagery, it would be best to digitize the image in ArcGIS Pro instead of Google.