Keep feature distance when zooming out

11-16-2021 06:57 AM
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I am planning construction works on a railway line where catenary wires are to be pulled. We are using ArcGIS to manage the status of our works.

Since the wires are long and very close to each other (1-2 km in length but around 3-4 meters next to each other) it is very hard to see individual wires when you zoom out to get an overview.

If there a way to maintain a certain line thickness and "manipulate" the geometry at certain display resolutions such that the lines are seperated just enough so that both lines can be seen?

I hope my question makes sense.

Thank you very much in advance,



If the line width is too thick, one of the wires (for instance on the left track) will overlap the other one.


If the lines are too thin, you can't really see them at all.


I would like to be able to see the following even when I zoom out, that there is a grey, red and yellow line in the city Vordingborg (knowing that the geometry will only be accurate when zooming in):










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