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Issues w/ Weighted Sum Analysis and Rasters

10-19-2023 11:18 AM
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I am currently trying to create a 15 minute city index similar to the one created by the city of Cleveland (see: for my city. I am trying to follow the info available. I have created a bunch of service areas for certain amenities.

After this, I used the dissolve tool on each service area layer, then gave them a "score" attribute which is all 1 for now. Then I converted them to rasters, so I could use the weighted sum or weighted overlay tool to get an "index" of all the amenities to determine walkability. But when I do this, it only creates an extremely small raster consisting of the cells where every single amenity overlap. I am trying to get the raster type they ended up creating in Cleveland but I do not know exactly what to do. Below are the rasters I created from the service areas (theyre all on so they blend together).


I think it could be because the service areas rasters dont have a void with a zero value or something that fills up the whole county. That means I would need a raster that looks like the one below, but I dont know how to make it. (this is just a SA raster on above the blank county raster).


Anyone have any ideas on how to either make the service area rasters work, or make them look like the one above? I am stumped.

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convert the nulls to 0 prior to doing the sum

How to change NoData cells to a value—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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