Issue opening AIX in illustrator created from ArcGis Pro 2.8.1

07-20-2021 05:38 AM
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I cannot open any AIX file created from ArcGis Pro in Illustrator. I get the "Unknow format" message

I have done the following

  • uninstall/re-install Arcgis Maps for Adobe plugin
  • update Arcgis Pro from 2.7.1 to 2.8.1
  • update Illustrator to 25.3.1

I am using Arcgis Maps for Adobe latest version for windows 2.2.1

So far the previous solutions on this subject (version update and uninstall/re-installed) have not work.


Cheers, Maxime

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Contact Tech Support since it seems to be with the 2.8.1 update.

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Hi Maxime,

Sorry you're experiencing trouble with opening the AIX. Recently this post was published to let our users know that the new updates from Adobe caused some issues with extensions, including Maps for Adobe. We are working to solve this issue, but until then version 25.3 is not supported. We recommend that users revert to an earlier version of Illustrator to use Maps for Adobe until the problem is resolved. 





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