Is it possible to create a hierarchical / nested legend for a layer

08-03-2022 11:34 PM
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Hi All,

I am investigating to see if it possible to create a nested or hierarchical  legend for a layer.  The layer I am working with can be found at: 

There are two attributes of interest:

  • "mu_land_t1" which represents the landscape description and is the top of the hierarchy
  • The second tier is "mu_sum_desc", with many of these belonging to a "mu_land_t1"

In the end I would like something that would look like this:


So we have one colour patch and a label for a "mu_land_t1" and many descriptions from the "mu_sum_desc" that belong to it.  I am not absolutely sure of how that image was generated but I am guessing that it was done in Illustrator or something similar.   My question: Is it possible to replicate this directly in ArcGIS Pro?  Should I be looking at Arcade to try and achieve this or is there a standard method.

Also note that the colours for each patch are coming from the attributes "mu_col_r", "mu_col_g" and "mu_col_b" but don't let the "Vary symbology by attribute" issues conflict, with the first part of the question becuase we can alway manually assign colours if need be.

Any pointers or help appreciated.


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