Is it possible to convert 3D to 2D besides Multipatch method?

04-10-2023 10:06 PM
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Hi all,

Would appreciate if someone could help.

I've tried the multipatch footprint method to convert 3D shapefiles to 2D shapefiles. (Referring to

I hit a snag when trying to convert but it seems like the 3D feature class to 2D feature class using this 'copy and paste' method seems to only work in ArcMap. I need make it work in ArcGIS Pro. (Referred to

Is there any other methods besides the two methods mentioned above? Thank you.

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Hi, I think I need more information about what kind of data you are trying to convert from 3D to 2D but depending on your use case you could try this tool: Multipatch Footprint (3D Analyst)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

FYI Multipatch is a 3D format so the first method you referer to would not convert your 3D Object feature class to 2D.

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Having read your post again, if you need to convert 3D shapefiles to 2D shapefiles I think the workflow you have posted should work in ArcGIS Pro as well. First, create an empty 2D shapefile and then use copy and paste from the edit toolbar i Pro to copy your 3D shapefile data into the empty 2D shapefile.

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Hi there,

It is possible to convert a shapefile to Multipatch, I have a base of 2D shapes, and I do not want to trace them again, there is a method by which I can convert polygon-type shapefiles to Multipatch

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