Invalid input data creating a Building Scene Layer Package

02-18-2021 04:45 AM
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Good afternoon. We are working on a workflow that could help us to put the Revit Project Information (image 1) from a BIM model on a clickable element on an ArcGIS Online, in addition to all the informations referred to the single elements of the building, but when i try to create a Building Scene Layer Package it says invalid input data, the workflow is the one that follow:

- Creation of a cube under the category "Generic Model" in Revit

- Creation of a schedule of the Generic Models (which will be just one element) and associate in that schedule all the Project Information i need

-Export the schedule in .txt, conversion in Excel and upload of it in ArcGIS Pro using "Excel to table"

-Join of the attribute table of Generic Model in ArcGIS Pro with the table i just created, obtaining the Project Informations i need inside the Generic Model attribute table (figure 2).

-Creation of the Building Scene Layer Package, now this is where the problem stands, because without the join in the previous step the BSLP is created, with that join it says invalid input data and won't let me create it.

It would be really nice to understand the logic behind the program, because i already created new parameters associated for example with the walls and it works well on creating the BSLP

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Hello Humberto, 

Based on the description of your issue. Your are trying to create a building scene layer package with a join or relate.  Building Scene packages do not allow for relationships either in memory or relationship class. If you want to have relationships you will need to create a relationship class and share the WebScene (Enterprise 10.8.1 or higher)


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Thank you @DavidAlvarez_BIM-GIS for your response.

I did not understood the last part of your post: the idea behind my thesis is to get on ArcGIS Online not only the possibility to query the single objects inside the building and getting their information, but also what my thesis supervisor would like to do, for a real case study in a village, is to obtain a single layer , for example Exterior Shell, capable of querying the entire building in once, and there to find the properties coming from Revit's Project Information.ù

In regards of your post you are telling me, if i'm not wrong, to create a relationship class and not a join, i'm correct? If so, do you have any idea of which item i have to relate in the relationship class? My "cube" Generic Model used to join in ArcGIS Pro the informations coming from Revit's Project Information should be the top one and all the other objects in the buildings should be under it?

Thanks in advance for your precious help.

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