Installing Deep Learning - ArcGIS Pro 2.7

03-17-2021 09:03 AM
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Having trouble installing the deep learning tool with the python commands.  Final string not recognizing an installation path.  pdf view is attached.  Not sure how to address problem. 

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and you check to make sure that the clone isn't in your "Users" path?

Do a search on the C drive for the final path name to see where it went (File Explorer in windows)

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It’s been a while working with Python script.  I’m 77.  What a terrible excuse!  I really don’t know where to begin.  First, I’m aware that my ArcGIS Pro installation folder is in my Documents folder on my desktop, not in the C: drive Users folder where it probably should be!   I notice that there is a  .conda folder located in C:\Users\John Wilkins.  I’m assuming that this folder has something to do with the final step of the installation, but I’m not sure.

I’m confused about the tutorials instructions (the palm trees deep learning tutorial in LearnGIS);

“After the new environment is created, run the following commands to change your directory to that folder.”

I know that the new environment was created successfully.  The installation script flowed without a problem.

So, I typed in the command indicated by the tutorial:

 cd C:\Program files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\deeplearning

I’m assuming this command is needed to place the clone where it should go.  Is that right?

The Python script responds by the following:

“The system cannot find the path specified”

Not sure what to look for.  A folder to place it in?

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Hi John, that tutorial is out of date now. Esri now provide a very easy installer at this site: 

If you do want to clone environments and do a Conda install that site also has the latest instructions.