Failed to load data Error: General function failure

06-10-2020 04:01 AM
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After some editing in the attributetable, nothing fancy, just some text update, I get this error once or twice a day.

after that, attribute table displays columns but no records

I use arcgis pro 2.5.1, on a virtualized windows 10 machine having 4 cores and 16GB of which about 5 is still free

When I close arcgis pro, restart and re-open the project all is ok ...

Anyone else seen this?

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I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms. It's frustrating when I'm editing a lot of data because sometimes I lose 3 minutes worth of edits (I have the auto-save set to 3 minutes). When I zoom in on the screen any images that are cached still shows the dropped features but if I zoom in or out the data is gone (because the connection to our server dropped). 


I had an older Windows 7 machine that I swapped out last July. I never had the issue on Win 7 but have always had it on my new Win 10 machine from day 1.   

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