Insert part/substring of project name as dynamic text in the layout

01-07-2022 01:16 AM
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Is it possible to insert only a part of the project name as a dynamic reference into the map layout?

<dyn type="project" property="name"/> inserts the whole file name, but I need to be able to show only the part of the name e.g. 1st to 10th characters of the name (since the file name may have other important information not relevant for the layout). Any options like mid function etc to retrieve substring of project name would be handy.

Any help please.


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Assuming  you are using data driven pages. You could add a field to the index layer and manually calculate it using Left( "thisisthefilenameoftheproject",10 ) and then you could use add dynamic text from an attribute. 

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Hi Sean,
Thank you for your suggestion. But, I am not using the data driven pages i.e. the Map Series in ArcGIS Pro and just working with a number of independent single map layouts. So going through the map series option and having to add index layer doesn't seem be helpful for this purpose.


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Can you use the layout name instead? 

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Hi Aubri,
I did consider that option as well, but the problem we have is only the map name gets updated when the maps are revised and I also need the text/number representing the revision in the reference that I am trying to display as the dynamic text. 

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